[Resolved] Ashburn VA Outage – 10th Nov 18:00 UTC

We’re awaiting a response from our datacenter however it appears there is complete power outage at the facility.

We will update ASAP as soon as we have updates ourselves.

We have experienced a power event at our IAD4 Internet Data Center. Generator was running due to previous scheduled power work conducted within this Campaign: 1603730274.

Fields engineers are currently engaged in actively working on restoring the generator at this time. There is no ETR.

We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information or generator has been restored.

Update 1: 18:06 UTC

At this time, power has been restored and our IAD4 facility is running as expected.

Update 2: 18:38 UTC

Engineers have confirmed that all systems have recovered and running as expected. We do not anticipate any further issues.

Update 3: 19:48 UTC